Masala Chai - History of Chai Tea

Masala Chai - History of Chai Tea

Posted by Chai Guru on Aug 26th 2017

Tea was discovered and made back 5000 to 9000 years ago. Originating from South India Court, now known as India, the King created it as a cleansing and ayurvedic beverage. 

First tea plantation was made by the British in Assam, India back in 1835. The tea produced there was was quickly made into masala chai with the locals living there. Masala chai's ingredients include, black tea, milk, spices and sugar. However, the tea was expensive and mostly for the export market. 

Because black tea ingredient was so expensive, locals made their own blend of black tea, milk, spices, and sugar to make the tea flavorful and keep cost down. Thus, Masala chai became more popular and eventually lead to mass production.  

Now Masala chai is worldwide. All local chains have some form of chai in their list of menus. Even though the recipe varies from house to house or cafe to cafe, all masala chai contains same spices. However, they may have different black tea sources.